intricately carved toothpicks and match sticks

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Toothpick and Matchstick carving

Very intricate hand carved hand painted toothpicks and matchsticks


Very intricately carved toothpicks and matchsticks, very detailed. Painstaking work! Needless to say, I ended up with a lot of flowers, trying to get one hummingbird!! Alot of these were custom commissions. If you have a specific idea just ask.


toothpick carvings


rooster and hen toothpicks   Hen and Rooster---  $175.00 for the pair Sold

carved hen toothpick    Hen toothpick---  $100.00

carved rooster toothpick    Rooster toothpick---  $100.00

carved painted gnome toothpick   Gnome--- $75.00--SOLD  

carved painted hummingbird drinking from flower    Hummingbird drinking from a flower--- $200.00--SOLD

carved mouse toothpick   Mouse---  $90.00

carved owl toothpick   Owl---  $90.00--SOLD

carved  cobra toothpick    Cobra--- $80.00

carved flower in a pot toothpick   Flower in a pot--- $50.00-SOLD

carved lighthouse toothpick    Lighthouse--- $80.00--SOLD

carved penguin toothpick   Penguin---  $75.00---SOLD

carved rabbit toothpick    Rabbit---  $90.00--SOLD

carved whale tootrhpick   Whale---  $80.00

carved wizard toothpick  Wizard---  $75.00 SOLD


intricate hand carved matchsticks

Match sticks:

carved clown matchstick Clown--- $100.00

carved parrot matchstick  Parrot---  $100.00

carved frog toothpick   Frog--- $80.00

carved totem pole match stick  Totem pole--- $100.00

carved matchstick, 2 flowers in a pot on a table     Double flower in pot on 4 leg table---  $100.00

carved giraffe matchstick     giraffe--- $100.00--SOLD

carvec flamingo matchstick   Flamingo---  $100.00--SOLD

   Circus Elephant--- $150.00

carved house matchstick   House with chimney smoke and front steps--- $150.00

carved monkey matchstick   Monkey---$100.00

carved seal balancing ball matchstick   Seal balancing ball--- $100.00

Price includes a hardwood base or stand.

 I custom make little wood travel boxes to ensure safe shipping. The toothpicks and match sticks, the base/stand are safely encased in the wood travel box which is then packed in the shipping box.

Shipping in the US is $18.00 USPS Priority includes insurance and delivery confirmation.

International $22.00 First Class. Upgrade to Priority with insurance on request.






















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